Our Team


Shaul C. Greenwald, Esq.

Chief Executive Officer

Aryeh Greenwald

Vice President

Lead Counsel

Karla Miller, Esq.

Chief Counsel

Aryeh Lazarus, Esq.

National Counsel

Department Heads

Mark Pollak

Managing Director

Azi Mindick, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

David Berney

Director of Sales

Neal Dick

Director of HR

Malcolm Levi

Director of Software Development

Maya Nesser

New Jersey Manager

Nathan Rubinfeld

Director of Business Development

Legal Team

Fawn Zakheim Esq.

NY Counsel

Joseph Rejent, Esq.

NJ Counsel

Jessica Robertson, Esq.

Texas Counsel

Joseph Perlow, Esq.

NJ Counsel

Adina Fisch, Esq.

National Title Coordinator

Rena Lavi, Esq.

NY Title Coordinator

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